Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine, that one golden supplement that will actually improve your strength during heavy or explosive workouts.  Loading extra creatine into your muscles improves their ability to replenish their most immediate energy source (ATP), giving you more power in your most intense exercises. The effect is most noticeable in heavy weight sets, you may normally only grind out 5 reps, but now suddenly find a 6th.  Likewise creatine can help improve explosive movements such as sprints and box jumps.

Each of our servings consists of a full 5 grams (5000mg) of pure creatine monohydrate.  

The M.E.T.A (most effective tactics available):  Start loading creatine as your training cycles towards heavier or more explosive movements, here you will see the most benefits, you do not need to load at a higher dose.  Increase your water intake when using creatine as your muscles will want to retain more fluid.  Take a break from creatine when de-loading, training higher reps, or working more on endurance as those types of training will not benefit as much from supplementation.

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Creatine is naturally stored in skeletal muscle, and the good news is that orally taken creatine supplements can bolster your body's natural stores.  During intense (heavy or explosive) exercises your muscles rely on ATP as their immediate energy source, this energy source is only good for a few seconds. Creatine recycles your body's ATP stores rapidly, so more creatine in the muscle tissue means your muscles can rely on that powerful but short-term ATP fuel source for longer.  It also helps your muscles replenish ATP quicker during your rests, allowing you to hit your next set fresher.  Supplementing creatine allows you train at a higher intensity bringing better results from each and every workout!

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